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Physiotherapy uses a variety of techniques to help your body move and function at its full potential. In order to prevent a range of problems and diseases, and to improve quality of life, physiotherapists encourage and assist people of all ages to participate in safe physical activity.

We work in partnership with our patients to educate them on how to manage their own health. We assist people with movement disorders which may have been present from birth, acquired through accident or injury, or are the result or ageing or life changing events.

Our Offerings

When it comes to injuries, pains, falls and other disabilities, physiotherapy comes to rescue. An individual can achieve his or her personal fitness and wellness goals by acquiring and regaining strength, flexibility and the functional and physical activity with complete independence by means of customised programs

Our experienced team of physiotherapists and rehabilitation specialists develop special modules of wellness and physiotherapy programs according to the unique requirements of each individual based on the following criteria and parameters:

  • A comprehensive assessment processes
  • Interaction and discussion with the physician
  • Proper clinical evaluation
  • Customized physiotherapy modules
  • Reassessment and periodic follow ups