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Nutrition & Dietetics


At Shri Sankalp Hospital, our department of Nutrition and Dietics clinic advises on the best weight management and nutrition programmes specifically designed to suit a patient’s individual nutritional, physical and lifestyle needs in Raipur and the Chhattisgarh. Our expert team of dietitians helps patients decide on the best diet, nutrition and weightloss treatments and plans, and also evaluate which diets would best compliment needs and lifestyles in Raipur or across the Chhattisgarh.

We have extensive experience in handling complicated, critical issues like weight management and nutrition concerns facing renal, gastrointestinal, cardiac and paediatric patients as well as those with diabetes.

Our Expertise

The Nutrition team provides comprehensive consultation services for patients of all ages using innovative diagnostic and evaluation techniques. Our staff take special interest in developing appropriate nutrition plans for patients of all ages who suffer from a variety of disorders.

Eating a healthy diet does not mean consuming something random so as not to starve. It is necessary to pay attention to the intake of vitamins and minerals that the body needs. Otherwise, some diseases may occur.